Nathan Powers

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Nathan Powers is a mid-westerner through and through. Raised in the passionate sports city of St. Louis, MO, Nathan has been a sports enthusiast from day one. Nathan was a natural athlete growing up and also enjoyed the thrill of sports wagering. Nathan spent countless hours in underground sports books in St. Louis, so it was a natural fit when Nathan was asked to move to Las Vegas with a friend in the mid 90’s. Nathan picked up side jobs with local book makers while making contacts with the industries leading handicappers. Nathan came on board with Precision Picks in early 2002 and hasn’t turned back since. Nathan has produced very profitable years with PP and has developed a loyal customer base which anticipates every pick.

Our experienced sports handicappers bring you the strongest plays of the day and provide consistent sports winners: NFL Picks, College Football Picks, NBA Picks, College Basketball Picks and Baseball Picks. Unlike casino style gaming odds, there are certain uncontrollable factors in sports betting, which can be taken advantage of if you arm yourself with the right tools and adopt a consistent and disciplined betting style. The methodology is based on this theory, and consistently provides the highest percentage plays.



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