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With over 20+ years of betting on bases I have proven to myself (and to my loyal follower's ) that I could make some serious supplemental income betting on pro baseball.  I've honed eyes over the past decade that can look at an odds sheet and spot loose lines as soon as the odds are released.  Working in car sales for more than a decade I met a lot of interesting people and many of them like to gamble on sports.  I used to dole out my weekly picks for free until I saw how much my deep pocket friends were making on my betting advice.  After several years of making good oney, I took my skills online and slowly built up a solid loyal group of subscribers at  I'm riding a top 3 finish at MLB Baseball handicappers and always Top 10 in profits.   If your looking to beat up the bookie then I hope you give me a chance this season, you will find few guys that can match my season profits on a consistent basise.  There's money in betting bases, I will prove it to you.

Sports: MLB Baseball 


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